WWII Food Legacy

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WWII Food Legacy


The conditions of WWII greatly shifted the way Australians eat and some of these changes have remained in Australia today.

The changes to production, administration, and consumption of Australian food during WWII were caused by allied foods demands and impact of the US military base in Australia. Between the years of 1939 and 1945 Australian food shifted to a government controlled, industrial powerhouse, with new American leanings. The amount of food produced and the efficiency with which it was made skyrocketed, creating new departments for food research. Australia’s shifted their British eating styles to adopt more American style foods, all whilst complying to stringent rationing and austerity campaigns which linked their eating choices to the pending success of the war.

Evidently, Australian food was drastically shaken during the war. With these changes in mind, one is left to wonder if they have also had lasting psychological effects in relation to condemnation on food wastage and the current obesity epidemic in Australia.

This exhibition is dedicated to Lawrence J Lynch, a CSIRO scientist who worked largely on pea canning and orange juice production. This man was my Great Grandfather, who I learned about whilst researching this exhibition